Food and produce


Our own extra virgin olive oil and Kalamata olives, preserved in lemon juice and oregano

One of the real delights of a holiday is to sample the local produce and experience tastes for the first time or anew. Here, at The Iconpainter food has become a bit of an obsession! It really all started with inheriting: with the land at the villas, a beautiful, old and completely neglected vineyard and of course Michael took the challenge and turned it into his passion. From the vineyard is produced a fresh, fruity white wine from an ancient Greek grape. This is available to guests by the bottle (or two!) or straight from the barrel if you prefer. Not content with mastering these vines, Michael planted another smaller vineyard with three different varieties of grape that produces a light red wine. This is in shorter supply but still there for the tasting!

The learning curve continued upward with the olive trees producing both oil and the classic Kalamata olive, the many varied and sometimes exotic fruit trees and not least the vegetable garden. Again, all of the produce is available to  guests and can be easily and safely packed for taking home.

Maria produces marmalades and jams from the fruit grown around the villas, splendid refreshing lemonade, sweet olives, sun dried tomatoes, dried figs, teas from the many herbs in the gardens, she bakes bread and breakfast pastries.

Extending this passion,Michael and Maria offer breakfasts and evening meals. The breakfasts are amazing with all local produce such as Greek yoghourt, fresh orange juice, freshly laid eggs, newly baked bread and pastries, fruit straight from the trees and so much more delicious seasonal goodies.

The dinner menu is always exciting. Maria has developed a style of cooking which creates exceptional food with traditional Greek elements and some fusion from other Mediterranean diets….and sometimes a little further afield from her native Scotland! Dinner at The Iconpainter is an integral part of any holiday at the villas.

Finally, so that you really get the best out of eating out, we have produced a ‘menu guide’. It gives tips on ordering and recommends trying dishes that are unique to Greece or the area of Koroni.

The area has many excellent tavernas some with their own specialities…..enjoy!

Here's what some previous guests have said:

"…surtout ne pas se priver des repas cuisines du Maria, ils sont tout simplement delicieux."


"Dinner prepared by Maria and served by Michael is a real treat"


"We recommend Maria's cooking, served by Michael on your
terrace as a highlight"

The superb food that Maria produces results from her philosophy to use only the freshest of local produceANNA & MARTIN, LONDON

"…'Miam Miam' pour le cuisine de Maria"


What makes our dining experience unique is the imaginative fusion of Mediterranean flavours and the use of our own produce in many dishes served either on your private balcony or at the “To Pefkaki” our dining terrace.  

The superb food that Maria produces results from her philosophy to use only the freshest of local produce. When possible we use produce from our own kitchen garden, picked to order. The food we produce is both Greek and Chic.

Whether you stay at the villas or the apartments we are delighted when guests buy our extra virgin olive oil, Kalamata olives or other produce to take home as souvenirs. We can also send oil and olives to certain destinations.